The University Sector Must Handle Air Travel Emissions

Summer is here for many, a time for vacations and travelling, frequently by airplane. Air travel has increased steeply on a international level. Universities play a part in this using a top and rising aviation footprint. Many professors begin travelling to far flung areas as the benefit of this project to compensate for extended hours Read More

Direct Tourist Shots Have Turned Solo Adventures Into Social Events

The ubiquity of social websites means tourists are now able to create content on the transfer to allow their networked audiences to see in near real time. Where once we discussed slideshows article excursion and saved postcards and prints, we now share vacation pictures and selfies in the street, sea or atmosphere enlarging the tourist Read More

Why Americans Do Not Need To Be Afraid To Travel

As summer travel season starts, friends and family members have asked me whether it is safe to travel beyond the U.S I know their fears. The news is full of terrifying tales, like a tourist bus has been blasted near Egypt’s pyramids, people being knifed in a bus stop at Japan and continuing policy of Read More